Founded by Adele Casagrande in 1918

One of the largest and most important of the Italian fashion dynasties, Fendi began as a leather and fur workshop almost a century ago. Its founder, Adele Casagrande, who married Eduardo Fendi in 1935, changed the company’s name after death of her father in 1954.

Although Fendi is inextricably linked with fur, the label is also known for its other lines – namely ready-to-wear and accessories. During the 30 years that Karl Lagerfeld has been associated with Fendi – he has designed their collection since 1965 – he has redirected the label an anonymous luxury brand into a high-profile house with elitist connotations. Like the unmistakable Chanel logo, Fendi’s logo is world-famous.

Over the past century fur has fallen in and out of favour with alarming regularity. Despite shifting tastes and phases of political correctness, Fendi has remained immovable, although customers in the late 1990s showed more interest in Fendi’s chic accessories – the baguette bag was a phenomenal bestseller – than in making huge investments buying fur.

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